President's Message

Dear SCPMA- HR Members,

My name is Sandy Witz and I am the new (and honored) President of SCPMA-HR. Please see the attached message from our friends and colleagues at the Western Region IPMA-HR. We stand in full support!

Your SCPMA-HR Board will also continue to reflect on and provide programs on what “Belonging” looks like and feels like within our organizations. As dedicated HR professionals, it is upon us to lead the change.

Thank you for this opportunity to serve as your President.

Be well and Onward!

Sandy Witz

Dear Western Region IPMA HR Members,

These past months have been exhausting, emotionally and mentally, while we are trying to maintain composure and push through our ever-changing day to day HR profession. We are certain you, like us, have felt angry, frustrated, saddened, and helpless at the horrific murder of George Floyd. The tragic death of George Floyd opened the gate to many other racial injustices that have existed and been allowed to continue in our country far too long and must be addressed. We can no longer remain silent. Now is the time to take action.

This is not a political issue, but rather a basic human rights issue. In our country, we have stood behind the words that all men and women were created equal, however for too many years those have simply been words and not actualized in how our businesses are run. As Human Resources professionals, our employees look to us to be the champions of diversity and inclusion. Employees look to us to be the ones who safeguard recruitments against discrimination and the ‘good ole boy’ networks. Employees turn to us to ensure that in their workplaces they are treated fairly, regardless of their gender, race, or sexual orientation. They seek safety from us.

This is our opportunity to act. As HR leaders, it is essential to have these difficult conversations with the leaders and management in our organizations. We must take the time now to work on changing our business practices within our organizations all over of what diversity, equality and equity truly mean and what that looks like. You are not alone in your efforts as thousands of HR professionals are going to be having t the tough and uncomfortable (for some) same conversations with their leaders across our country.

The Western Region IPMA HR board will be supporting these efforts for effective change with webinars, speakers, and other resources over the next few months. As a board, we are committed to providing you, the resources you need to bring about change in not only your organization, but in our cities, counties, states, and country. Together we can make the world a better place; we simply need to seize the moment and use this defining moment for true change, for employees to feel they are heard, they are seen, and they are supported.

Your Western Region IPMA-HR Board

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